6503482673725440 dézert #5004-1 #5004-1 (STOCK SERVICE) Jacquard Stripe Cropped Pocket Shirt Materials : 100% Polyester Color Available : 1. Off White 2. Rust 3. Khaki 4. Brown Remarks : Pl Product #: dezert-#5004-1 2023-01-27 Regular price: $HKD$380.0 Available from: dézertIn stock The shirt is of the highest quality with its great design and vibrant colour. I must mention the customer service is amazing and really caters the needs of customers! A big thumbs up to the brand! Look forward to more exciting products in the future. Highly recommend to anyone who is still undecided about the brand! 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0